It's Time To Crush Your Serve.

Add massive MPH's to your serve. Start winning more, right here, right now.

If you're struggling with adding power to your serve, you've come to the right place. If you've tried other systems or courses and they haven't worked for you, we can help. This course explains in an easy to follow format how to use the proper techniques to add massive power to your serve. The course also uses examples of professional players to illustrate the proper way to add power like you've never had before.
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A Message From Your Instructor Dennis
  • 2

    Initial Preparation Module

    • The Different Types Of Stances
    • Leaning Over The Baseline
    • Pro Player Analysis of The Initial Preparation
  • 3

    Load Phase

    • Knee Bend
    • Knee Bend - Pro Player Analysis
    • Turning The Hips & Shoulders
    • Turning The Hips & Shoulders - Pro Player Analysis
    • The Bow & Arrow
    • The Bow & Arrow - Pro Player Analysis
    • Proper Trophy Positioning - Racquet Position
    • Proper Trophy Positioning - Angling The Shoulders
    • Proper Trophy Position - Pro Player Analysis
    • Ball Toss
    • Ball Toss - Pro Player Analysis
  • 4

    Explode Phase

    • The Racquet Drop
    • The Racquet Drop - Pro Player Analysis
    • Drop To Upswing
    • Drop To Upswing - Pro Player Analysis
    • Using The Legs - Pro Player Analysis
    • The Hop & Kick Back
    • The Hop & Kick Back - Pro Player Analysis
    • Keeping The Head & Chest Up
    • Keeping The Head & Chest Up - Pro Player Analysis
    • Finishing The Swing
    • Finishing The Swing - Pro Player Analysis
  • 5

    Bonus Material

    • Improve Pronation With Throwing A Nerf Football
    • Tricep Warmup With Elastic Bands
    • Triceps Workout With Weights
    • External Rotation Warmup With Elastic Bands
    • What did you think?

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